Black Creek Rizin

Black Creek Rizin

We are a local, home grown group of musicians that love to share our style of Outlaw Country Music.

Let me tell you a little story about us:

About 7 years ago, Clint McFarland got tired of chasing the music charts and playing what everyone else was playin so he started his own band, Black Creek Rizin. He wanted to share his favorite songs and play them with his own style of gravel slingin, down home pickin groove. Through a lot of hard work, and more than his fair share of luck, Black Creek Rizin has grown into its own sound and experience. Once you have heard the band, you will want more. Once you have met the band, you are part of our family and will always feel at home any where we are.

While the faces have changed over time, the sound and the meanin behind the band has remained the same. We are Outlaw Redneck Country and we are here to stay!

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