Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies

Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies

Rebecca Day began her music career as a solo artist, releasing her debut EP Now Here in 2012. In 2013
she joined forces with her sister, violist Jen Day Thompson, and The Crazy Daysies was formed. Rebecca
and Jennifer have created a broad catalog of original music, releasing an EP, several singles, and a full- length album in four years. The sisters, Florida transplants from South Carolina, perform across the South at festivals, corporate events, resorts, and music halls. Their music is influenced by gospel, roots blues, country, and Southern rock. Rebecca describes their music as “swampytonk.”
In 2017 Sonorous Records released the sisters’ single “Cheers to Getting Sober,” and songs like “Where
the Dirt Runs Out of Road” have been used by groups promoting tourism.

Pandora, Bandwagon Network Radio, Women of Substance Radio, and Music Mafia Radio are some of
the outlets featuring the Crazy Daysies’ original music. The song “Until I Win” is a top download, and it’s been featured on playlists like American Top 40 Charts on Spotify alongside Ed Sheeran.
When asked about touring, Rebecca often jokes that she’s been on tour since she became a full-time
musician, averaging close to 1,000 shows played in 7 years. Her live show has taken her across Florida,
and through states such as Georgia, South Carolina and Texas. Their Facebook Live shows have reached
as many as 10,000+ views. The Crazy Daysies were invited to perform for the VIP lounge in The Coral Sky Amphitheatre, at the Tim McCraw concert in West Palm Beach, FL, and Rebecca was invited to do a solo show for the VIP lounge for the Florida Georgia Line and Dan and Shay concert.
Corporate events they’ve performed comprise companies like Purina, Exit Realty, Ashley Furniture, HP,
Intel, and Holeshot Power Sports. The Daysies headlined at Florida’s iconic Freebird and 1904 Music

The Daysies have performed at county fairs in places like Jacksonville and Alachua. The many festivals
they’ve performed at include the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, Porchfest Jax, the Blue Crab Festival, the Right Whale Festival, and the American Heritage Festival. One of the most unique festivals was in Ocala, Florida where the Cracker Cattle Drive herds cattle through the town.
Media coverage has included Yahoo Voices, Arbus Magazine, Folio Weekly, Lake Murray Times, Palm
Coast Observer, EU Jax, and Buzz Magazine, among other print publications and websites.
The Daysies’ music has touched supporters in countries as far flung as Japan and Georgia, and across the US.

Rebecca is a member of South Florida Country Music and the International Singer Songwriters
Association. She is the founder of the Jacksonville chapter of the Bastiat Society.
The Daysies’ music is available at CD Baby and on their Facebook artist page. It can be streamed at
Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Apple Music, and on all other streaming platforms. CDs are also available at
the Daysies’ shows. Their debut Crazy Daysies release Where the Dirt Runs Out of Road sold out. They
released their first full album Mile Markers in late 2017. They are currently working on their next album. The Daysies book shows directly, and partner with booking agencies Resort Talent, East Coast
Entertainment, and Golden Isles Entertainment Group for some shows every year.

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