Nonprofit Info

PNC_Non Profit Responsibilities

As a non-profit sponsor you will be required to do the following:

  • Build / Design a mini golf hole for your location.
    • Each hole can be different in size, look etc.  Have fun in the building process. We just ask that you build it to withstand several thousand people walking on it.  
    • Safety of walking on the greens is very important.  
    • Sizes of putting greens should be built in 4-5 foot sections. Based upon your location, your putting greens size can vary. We suggest the dimensions of 3′ x 12′ or smaller. Decorate the putting green with your brands logos, images, etc.
  • Have a minimum of 4 volunteers at all times
    • All volunteers will be assisting at the hole.  Handing the putter to the people, fetching the ball, working at the front entrance, handing out information, etc.

We ask that everyone be at their designated hole ready to go by 11:00 AM the day of the event  

  • The event is over at 7:00pm.  We ask that you don’t close your hole until 7:15.
  • We encourage all non profits to have a donation box and hand out materials at their hole.  
  • Non profits are encouraged to wear shirts with your logo.
  • Jacksonville Party Company can store your putting green and deliver it out the next year for $150. After the event, we can collect and store your putting green. If we do this, the green will not be accessible to you in between events.


It will be very warm at the beach in mid June.  Several of the putting greens are outside. Please dress accordingly.

Tables, tents and signage will NOT be provided.  If you need these items, you will be responsible to bring them yourselves.  

We have a $300 cash prize for best hole, $150 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd. All other participants will receive a $500 gift card to the BUZZ Magazine. Judging will be by Putt N Crawl staff only.

Nonprofits will have the opportunity to sell tickets, although it is not required. Nonprofits will receive 100 free tickets from us for participating that they can sell and keep all of the proceeds from. Tickets are $25 each to participate in the event. We will give you marketing materials.

Nonprofits will also have the opportunity to sell the following sponsorships and keep 70 percent of the total sale of the sponsorship. Sponsors will receive what is listed in the package.

Nonprofits will also get the opportunity to have a CELEBRITY 4-some which will get to go the front of event hole. Your 4 some can be made up of board members, volunteers, football players or prominent business leaders in the community. You can sell people the opportunity to be on your celebrity 4-some. You will need to also supply 1 volunteer to walk around holding the 4 some sign for this group.

Nonprofits can collect money or run putting contests from their hole to raise money.

To have your nonprofit included in the event, please email mike (at)